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In UNCLEAN SPIRITS: One of Satan’s Best-Kept Secrets, Timothy Davis thoroughly examines the Word of God to define unclean spirits and then helps you identify them. He discusses five common unclean spirits theories in the church today and offers guidelines to test them. Additionally, he gives the reader tools that equip you to minister to those bound by unclean spirits.


As you study unclean spirits on the Internet and through other resources, you will find many different interpretations as to their definition. As with every biblical topic, please study and glean from all your resources, but do not let one person’s opinion or experience become the foundation of your understanding. Embrace the whole counsel of the Word of God!


This series is divided into seven parts. Each audio teaching has a companion study guide chapter that pertains to that particular teaching. Our prayer is that as you study you will be better prepared to minister to God’s people. Just as your personal anointing has increased as God gives you revelation on demons and how to cast them out, I believe that God desires you to have understanding concerning unclean spirits. I pray that as your understanding grows so will your anointing.


The UNCLEAN SPIRITS: One of Satan’s Best-Kept Secrets ebook is available here for purchase.

Unclean Spirits Series Part 2 mp3

  • This file format is a downloadable mp3.

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