Cleansing Seminar Commitment [FREE VIDEO]

Before you begin the Cleansing Seminar, turn to page 5 of your study guide and let's review your commitment.

Alignment > Session One

In this session you will learn how to consistently walk in the Spirit resulting in a sensitivity to hear God’s voice, experience spiritual protection, and mature spiritually as a believer.

Consecration > Session Two

This session walks you through simple steps to consistently entrust every area of your life into the hands of God. He must be Lord of your life for you to experience deliverance.

Words > Session Three

The Bible teaches that we are in bondage because of the words of our own lips. In essence, we have cursed ourselves! During this third session of the seminar we learn how to identify and dismantle these curses.

Cleansing > Session Four

Jesus has come to set the captives free! The focus of this session is to bring clarity to the topic of deliverance. You will be able to identify the areas of your soul where you have given the enemy a foothold and the right to bring torment to your daily life.

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