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As part of the TEACHING experience, Pastor Timothy relates personal ministry encounters in his application of the truth about deliverance found in the Word. The instruction is specific, giving procedures and practical guidelines to insure the integrity of the cleansing ministry. The monthly teachings cover a wide range of spiritual topics and most include a 30 to 40 page study guide as a supplement to each teaching along with scripture memorization cards.


The TRAINING portion begins at the conclusion of the CD teaching. When these sessions are personally taught by Pastor Timothy, CD participants (CDers) observe as he applies the teaching through “hands on” ministry to a hurting person recommended for ministry by their pastor or to individual CDers.

Cleansing Discipleship (CD) equips the church to minister in the miracle gift of deliverance and inner healing through the practical application of God’s Word to believers who have open hearts toward freedom. It is an advanced seminar using Jesus’ model of discipleship which involves teaching, training, and touching.

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The TOUCHING experience provides each CDer the opportunity to personally minister deliverance to a hurting individual through CD Team ministry. This ministry training includes such areas as how to listen for and respond to the direction of the Holy Spirit, how to involve the will of those receiving ministry, how to stay in the Spirit during a confrontation with a demon, and how to cast it out.

For a description of each teaching included in this seminar

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