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Ahab & Jezebel

Do you feel afraid when you can’t control life around you? Do you feel weak no matter what you do to gain power? Then this teaching will help you identify if you need freedom from a demonic spirit of Ahab or Jezebel. It is an in-depth study of their families, their circumstances and their personal sins. By studying these real-life people and how they lived, we get a clear picture of the characteristics of the present-day demons bent on destroying people and relationships.

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Breaking Your Satanic Purpose

All of humankind was born into Satan's kingdom spiritually dead. In fact, the Apostle Paul called all of us "sons of disobedience" until we are born again. [Ephesians 2:2] In this lesson, Pastor Timothy teaches us how Jesus walked his disciples through deliverance from Satan's purpose for their lives. Then he ministers this great freedom to any who are willing to receive it.

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Communicating With The Dead

Are there such things as ghosts? Is it possible to communicate with the spirits of the dead? This teaching provides biblical answers to these questions, and gives us clear guidelines on how to minister to people who have participated in séances, witchcraft, or have attempted to communicate with friends and loved ones who have passed away.



Curses are real issues that must be addressed by every believer. They give the enemy the legal right to control you and your life. In this teaching we thoroughly discuss curses as a result of words you speak, your sin by breaking God’s biblical laws, and those doing witchcraft against you. There are five different "types" introduced in the Word that we must dismantle.


Healing The Brokenhearted

In Luke 4:18 Jesus proclaimed, "The Spirit of the Lord God has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted." But what does it mean to heal the brokenhearted? How does Jesus do this? How does the Holy Spirit move through us, the body of Christ, to facilitate this healing for others? In this lesson, Pastor Timothy teaches how to identify and heal broken parts of the human soul.

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How Jesus Dealt With Demons

Ministering to people who are controlled by demons is a source of much confusion in the church today. In this session, we put aside theological differences, open the Bible, and use Jesus as our model as he continually confronted Satan and his demons. We become VERY effective in ministering deliverance when we simply learn to "do it" the way our Savior "did it."


How To Begin

In this teaching, Pastor Timothy discusses in detail the steps necessary to prepare a person to receive deliverance and inner healing. There is more preparation involved to help them achieve freedom than to simply schedule a prayer time. The years of sin and failure to resist temptation have weakened their wills. They need to identify and break bad habits. And most of all, they need help to strengthen their spirit for the battles ahead.


How To Pray

In this lesson, Pastor Timothy trains us how to organize an ideal deliverance team, then gives instructions to the team on how to minister to an individual seeking deliverance and inner healing. As we prepare for ministry, we begin with worship and an opening prayer. The person receiving ministry is actively led in prayers of affirmation, repentance, renouncing, then breaking the works of darkness in the specific area of bondage.


Power Over The Treasures of Darkness

To Satan, anything he possesses that gives him the legal right to control and torment you is a treasure. Learning how to dismantle hexes, curses, spells, covenants, voodoo and more is a vital step towards freedom.

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Saints On The War Training

By His grace, our brothers and sisters participating in the Cleansing Seminar retreats will experience the love of God as He ministers healing and freedom to their souls. This session trains the ministry team to walk in the Spirit, stay in unity, and obey the Lord as He gives marching instructions in the battle.

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Satan: The Fallen Cherub

Many in the church are deceived concerning Satan's origin, power, and authority. The Word instructs us not to go into battle until we know what makes our enemy tick! (Numbers 13:17-20) Our study of Satan is not intended to give him glory, but to clearly understand his abilities and his limitations.

This teaching is part 2 of a 4 part series:

1) The War Is Real, 2) Satan: The Fallen Cherub, 3) Satan: The Flood, 4) Satan: The Fire

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Satan: The Flood

Who were the sons of God? What are nephilim? Why did God flood the earth? What is the significance of using water in ministry today? In this session we will see how the battle in the Garden did more than introduce sin to the human race. It has given us a glimpse of things to come in these last days.

This teaching is part 3 of a 4 part series:

1) The War Is Real, 2) Satan: The Fallen Cherub, 3) Satan: The Flood, 4) Satan: The Fire

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Satan: The Fire

What is the lake of fire? What is the bottomless pit? When will Jesus bring Satan's reign to an end? In this session, we discuss the final stages of the wicked as well as the righteous.

This teaching is part 4 of a 4 part series:

1) The War Is Real, 2) Satan: The Fallen Cherub, 3) Satan: The Flood, 4) Satan: The Fire


The Secrets of Halloween

This "holiday" has spread worldwide and influences much of out society today. Christians are often in the dark themselves about whether they and their children should participate in Halloween. This teaching address the word's view, the church's view, and the Satanist's view of Halloween and equips us to effectively pray.

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Spiritual Authority

Many people ask Pastor Timothy what the secret is to his anointing. It's actually rather simple: 1. Consistently walk in the Spirit, 2. Stay in your "seat" with Christ (Ephesians 2:6), and 3. Understand your authority. To move in authority, you must be under authority. This session focuses on the biblical understanding of spiritual authority.

*The prerequisite to this teaching is to read Spiritual Authority, by Watchman Nee.

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The Three Witnesses

Have you ever "stood up" for someone you believed in and it cost you? Then you have been a witness in its purest definition! 1 John 5:8 says there are three witnesses in heaven and three on Earth. In this session we learn how God empowers the three witnesses on Earth to minister to us.

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The Underworld

What happens to people after they die? When Jesus died on the cross, did He go to hell? The Bible clearly answers these questions concerning life after death, and Jesus taught on this subject in His ministry. The truths communicated in this teaching lay a solid foundation to understanding the next CD teaching, Communicating With the Dead.

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The Witness of the Blood

After establishing The Three Witnesses teaching as a foundation, this teaching on the blood of Jesus Christ will expand your understanding of the power and the life that is in the blood of our Savior. You will also learn how to implement that power in your life and in your ministry.


This Kind Comes Out

The discipline of fasting is confusing to many in the body of Christ. When we go back to the Garden of Eden, we see that by eating food sin entered the human race. What a mystery it is that as born again believers by abstaining from food, sin and the works of the devil are destroyed. In this session, we learn how Jesus not only made fasting a lifestyle, but He fasted specifically so that "this kind" would come out!

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Unclean Spirits: One of Satan's Best-Kept Secrets

In this series, Timothy Davis thoroughly examines the Word of God to define unclean spirits and then helps you identify them. He discusses five common unclean spirits theories in the church today and offers guidelines to test them. Additionally, he gives you tools that equip you to minister to those bound by unclean spirits.

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You're So Stupid

The first time a demon looked Pastor Timothy in the eyes in disgust and proclaimed, "You're so stupid!" he realized there was MUCH he needed the Holy Spirit to teach him concerning the spiritual realm! In this teaching he shares his years of biblical studies, knowledge, and experience regarding Satan's weapons of fear, ignorance, and pride. He also teaches thoroughly on Satan's power and, more importantly, the born again believer's power through Jesus!


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