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Nehemiah was called by Jehovah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 445 bc. Though the temple was restored, the city was in ruins causing God’s people to be vulnerable to the attacks of their enemies. Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit when he promised us, “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Comforter, Who will never leave you.” (John 14:16)


In this 10-part audio series we see Nehemiah, whose name literally means “comforter,” as an Old Testament picture of the Holy Spirit who comes to us to rebuild the “walls” of our souls. But after the walls are built, after we begin to heal, our choices are what determine if we remain healed and free. The city of Jerusalem represents our soul and the gates represent actions of our will that we choose to “open or close,” we choose “how to live,” we choose “how to act.”


The 10 audio disc teachings included in this series:


The Sheep Gate - Your Gate of Worship

The Fish Gate - Your Gate of Personal Integrity

The Old Gate - Your Gate of Thanksgiving

The Valley Gate - Your Gate of Suffering

The Dung Gate - Your Gate of Cleansing

The Fountain Gate - Your Gate of Living Water

The Water Gate - Your Gate of Healing

The Horse Gate - Your Gate of Warfare

The East Gate - Your Gate of Anticipation of Christ's Return

The Inspection Gate - Your Gate of Personal Examination

Nehemiah: Rebuilder of My Soul - 10 part Audio Series

  • This series includes 10 teaching sessions in Audio Disc format.

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