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Going from

Glory to Glory together!

Quad Cities
Cleansing Seminar Locations


Moline, IL 2021 Fall Dates

July 17 > August 21 > September 18 > October 16

Retreat: November 12-13

Geneseo, IL 2021 Fall Dates

July 22 > August 18 > September 15 > October 13

Retreat: November 12-13

Davenport, IA 2021 Fall Dates

July 15 > August 19 > September 16 > October 14

Retreat: November 12-13

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Cleansing Seminar




Join Timothy Davis as he brings biblical revelation to spiritual laws we must all abide by in order to free ourselves from the trap of the enemy. This results in Holy Spirit elevation from Glory to Glory!

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Cleansing Discipleship




Cleansing Discipleship equips you to minister in the miracle gift of deliverance and inner healing.

Southern California
Cleansing Seminar Retreat

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Orange County One-Day Retreat


Integrity IT Solutions Building

"The White Room"

7351 Garden Grove Blvd, Bldg. A

Garden Grove, CA 92841

October 30

9 am - 5 pm

Note: Registration is limited to the first 100 participants.

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Spiritual Growth





Second Peter 1:3-8 tells us to grow spiritually means we increase our understanding and application of God's Word, practice a sinless lifestyle, walk in the Spirit, and increase our faith and trust in God. These many teachings by Timothy Davis will help you on your journey to become more like Jesus.

Personal Ministry

Dr. Timothy Davis has his higher education degrees in Theology and Biblical Counseling and has ministered one-on-one to hurting people for over 40 years. If you desire a personal ministry session with Pastor Timothy, either in person or virtually, please click on the box below and contact our scheduling office.