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Rejection is a spirit that affects every human being in one way or another and is the core of bondage for many people. This two-part session confronts the spirit of rejection and dismantles its stronghold in your life.


Part 1

Pastor Timothy teaches the three most common ways the spirit of rejection can get a foothold: a family curse, family events, and breakdown of the family priesthood. Then he thoroughly describes different types of spirits that rejection uses to build its stronghold.


Part 2

After learning how rejection gets a foothold and the spirits it uses to build its stronghold, Pastor Timothy leads us through repenting, renouncing, and breaking down every wall in that stronghold.

Ejection of Rejection - Cleansing Retreat Audio Series

  • The series is part 2 and 3 of 4 Cleansing Seminar Retreat sessions in Audio Disc format.

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