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After making the Cleansing Seminar’s biblical truths a lifestyle, you are prepared to experience the supernatural ministry of deliverance. In this four-part series we invite the Holy Spirit to demonstrate his love and power to minister freedom from bondage to rejection, fear, rebellion, sexual sins, drugs, and more!


The four video DVD teachings included in this series:


Pathway To Purity - For you to experience freedom in any area of your life, the spiritual ties that connect you to your past must be severed. The primary way these ties are created is through violating the guidelines God has established concerning your sexual behavior--your sexual purity. In this session we thoroughly repent for sexual activity with all sexual partners and break unholy soul ties.


Ejection of Rejection (two parts) - Rejection is a spirit that affects every human being in one way or another and is the core of bondage for many people. This two-part session confronts the spirit of rejection and dismantles its stronghold in your life.


Part 1- Pastor Timothy teaches the three most common ways the spirit of rejection can get a foothold: a family curse, family events, and breakdown of the family priesthood. Then he thoroughly describes different types of spirits that rejection uses to build its stronghold.


Part 2 - After learning how rejection gets a foothold and the spirits it uses to build its stronghold, Pastor Timothy leads us through repenting, renouncing, and breaking down every wall in that stronghold.


Press On - After experiencing freedom and inner healing from sexual soul ties, rejection, fear, anger, and so much more, it is God's desire that you be equipped to continue to walk in freedom. None of us are completed projects and all of us must learn how to press on.


In Philippians 3:14 Paul says, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” One of the advantages of personal cleansing is that as your “vessel” is cleansed you are able to be filled with more of His presence. In the past, our “clay vessels” (as Paul calls them) have been filled with all the debris of sin, pain, failures, and childhood tragedies. Once these are gone we can fill that void with the Holy Spirit.


In the Press On teaching, Pastor Timothy shares 14 keys to maintaining your freedom and healing.

Cleansing Retreat - Video Series

  • This set includes four Cleansing Seminar Retreat sessions in Video DVD format.

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