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Join Church At His Banquet Table January 14th for a

World-Wide Virtual

Cleansing Seminar With Discussion Group!

Start the New Year off with Cleansing!


Join Church at His Banquet Table as we start THE CLEANSING SEMINAR with Discussion Group this January led by Pastor Amy Foster. We will have bi-weekly Virtual meetings (via Zoom) where we launch into the Cleansing Seminar and work through this life-changing transformational process of going from Glory to Glory!


Together we will partner arm-in-arm in our Discussion Groups and work to fully partake in understanding, receiving, and applying the Biblical Truth that, as Christians, it is our birthright to be cleansed and free!


So much more is gleaned when we do it together! Join us as we dig in and dig deep to get to the root of things!


For we will ALL fight until we are ALL Free!


Can't wait to see you there,

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Beginning January 14, 2023

10:00 AM - Noon (PST)

Classes meet every 2 weeks through May 6. 

After clicking the free Event Registration button, select the time to register.

Materials Needed

Purchase the newly designed

Cleansing Seminar Study Guide. Homework review and questions will be a part of the Discussion times.

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